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FORJAS VECINA, S.C.L., is a company involved with the progress of his production, delivery time and customer support.

His main target is the quality improvement of the following fields:

  • Customer support quality
  • Services quality
  • Product quality

This target can be reach by developing the following points:

  • Applicable required conditions accomplishment.
  • Total focus of the company activity and decisions on our customer’s needs and expectations just as the remaining interested parts.
  • Management of all the activities and process quality in order to guarantee the service offered to our customers.
  • Independence and initiative of the staff in order to contribute efficiently to the company targets success.
  • Preservation of the constant improvement spirit in all the activities linked to the customer.
  • Point toward the improvement of the company resources.
  • Respect of the conditions required by the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The company’s management establishes yearly particular goals for any department and sector of the company in order to achieve the policy of quality general objective. It introduces at the same time several action requirements, appoints the necessary resources and sets responsibilities concerning the achievement of the company objectives.

The company’s management and staff understand and share this management system as a way of work for each activity.

This policy of quality has been communicated to all the staff and she is well understanded, applied, updated by all the organization levels and at disposal of any interested parts. Usually, we realize a follow-up of his effectiveness and accomplishment.

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